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Cos FX Films founded by Cosmas Paul Bolger, Jr., is a full service Visual Effects Facility specializing in High Resolution Scanning, 2D/3D Compositing, Film Recording and Digital Intermediate services.

Scanning is done with the IMAGER3000V, a precision film scanner designed to transfer 35mm motion picture film into resolutions as high as 4K x 6K at 12 bit, 10 bit or 8 bit per color.  The scanning resolutions are switch selectable between 2K and 4K, for 35mm 4 perf as well as Vistavision. 

Imagery is recorded to film using the LUX Laser Cinema Recorder with extraordinary results.  We recently acquired the IMAGICA HSR FILM RECORDER with proven superisuperiorityng and a significant increase in sharpness and speed allowing us to record a complete feature in less than 24 hours on one machine.

Cos FX Films partners with 11:11 MediaWorks to provide 2D/3D Compositing using the latest software on PC/Mac platform and cutting edge artists to get incredible Visual Effects.

Affordable Digital Intermediates are done in partnership with Filmworks FX using the IMAGER3000V Scanner and using a state of the art color correction system at 2K resolution.

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